Current Hunt Information

The Hunt Lowdown for Hunters:
The SL Unearthed Fur Up for Fall Hunt begins October 15, 2013 at NOON SLT - please do not search for items until noon. You are looking for a "Paw Print" - a one prim paw that is labelled for SLU. Each hunt item should be free. The starting location has not been announced.

The hunt is Furry and Petite themed.

There will be a list of hints when the hunt begins.

If you have any problems or would like some hunt help, please try to the hints page first as it will show applicable hunt skips (with their corresponding next slurl) - if that doesn't help you, please try the SL Unearthed in world group before contacting a hunt organizer or shop owner directly.

The Hunt Lowdown for Vendors: 

The SL Unearthed Fur Up for Fall Hunt will run from October 15 to November 15, 2013. There is a limit of 50 vendors for this hunt. SL Unearthed Hunts are unique in that we no longer start at midnight on the start date, but at NOON on the start date. We feel this will make it not only easier on US but also on YOU the vendor.

Before applying please read this website or notecard in its entirety. This will give you information like the timeline and other hunt tidbits. Also, please read our FAQs and Rules for Hunts. If you do not agree with all of the rules, then please do not apply. It'll save both you and us time.

We check each shop before it is accepted into the hunt. We accept all kinds of shops except those that sell outright adult content (blatant sex shops, Erotica, etc) or Business in a Box content. We expect hunt gifts to be original creations. Using scripts or textures from other creators is acceptable, but the creation itself should be your own.

Once your shop is accepted you will be sent a welcome kit, this is folder, named SLU Fur Up for Fall Hunt Vendor Welcome (or similar), with the version 1 sign and a note card with important information, and the landmark to the SL Unearthed Vendor Subscriber. This is a subscriber that does NOT take up an inworld SL Group slot, it is NOT an option to join. 

Please rez your version 1 hunt sign as soon as you get it … we’ll be doing a sign check prior to doing the hunt order

TIMELINE: (this is not written in stone)

~ Application Deadline: September 30
~ Sign and Subscriber Check: October 2
~ Vendor Pack Distribution: October 5
~ Walk Through: October 8
~ Hunt Preview Blog Entry Picture Due: October 12
~ Hunt Preview Blog Entry: TBA (Between October 12 - 14)
~ Hunt Start (NOON SL Start Time): October 15
~ Hunt Ends (At NOON SL Time on the end date): November 15


Starting on October 2, at least one team member will check each accepted shop for the version 1 sign. Depending on the number of accepted shops, this may take more than one day. This sign will come in the welcome folder. Please rez this sign right away. Shops that do NOT have a hunt sign rezzed will be positioned at the end of the hunt. If you have not received a welcome folder by the sign check date on the timeline, please contact Jenneh Thursday or Audra Resident (via note card if they are not online) so we can check your status and/or redeliver the folder.

We will also be checking the subscriber membership to be sure all vendors are subscribed. Failure to subscribe WILL cause you to be put near the end of the hunt or potentially dropped from the hunt.


Vendor boxes will be distributed individually and therefore may take more than one day to complete. Please be patient with us. A notice will be sent via the subscriber when distribution is completed. If you have not received the box by that time, please contact Jenneh Thursday or Audra Resident to have the box redistributed. Before contacting us however, search your inventory for an object named SLU Fur Up for Fall Final Vendor Box. Chances are you capped out and just didn't receive notification of the delivery.

Vendor boxes will contain the following: 

~ Your hunt prim - This will be prenamed and preloaded with the next shop's landmark
~ Version 2 Sign – this sign is updated for hunters, please replace the version 1 sign as soon as possible
~ Sample Item, which also acts as a hint giver
~ Hunt Path – optional prim to help guide hunters in the right direction, if you plan to hide your hunt prim more than 30 meters from your landing point use of this directional aid WILL BE REQUIRED, otherwise it is optional
~ Important Information note card
~ Updated Timeline note card
~ Hint note card
~ Shop Moved note card
~ Preview Blog Entry note card

To apply to participate in the SLU Fur Up for Fall Hunt please access our online application and complete all of the required fields.

Thank you,

The SL Unearthed Hunt Organization Team

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