Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sim Crossing - Oubliette

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Every couple of weeks (RL-willing), I drop in on a Second Life sim -- one square on the grid -- just to see what's there.  And every couple of weeks, I find a treasure or two.  One never knows what one will find in an unknown region!  This feature details the results of my explorations.  

Note:  This post was written on Wednesday, November 23rd, but I held off on publication until after the end date of the Unthemed Hunt.  Some things may have changed between then and now, but the sim is still there and snowy as of this morning, so I believe this Sim Crossing should be reasonably accurate.  It's only been four days... right?   - Cica

I am in a seasonal mood so, instead of scrolling over the World Map, this time I do a place search using the keyword "autumn." The first result: "Oubliette ~ Autumn Surrounds Us With Her Mystery." Sounds perfect to me! So I teleport.

I land in front of Balderdash - Bagatelle and Trinketry, in this sim owned by Elizabeth Tinsley, but that's not what has my attention at the moment. Instead it's the fantastical snowy landscape that gets my notice, as I wait for it to slowly appear. My connection is sluggish this morning, but that's okay. I'm in no hurry today, and Oubliette is a place to savor slowly. That much I already know.

Oubliette - Landing

That said, I am eager to start my wandering, and Balderdash, a structure wrought in elegant stone and stained-glass windows, is just the place to start.

"Welcome to Oubliette!" says a notecard given to me by a greeter board in front of the store. I won't quote it here -- you'll have to take one yourself -- but it emphasizes the air of mystery here, and justifies the need for taking it easy and wandering. I get the impression that I won't see everything, but that's okay. It's probably better if I just touch on the big things.

It is necessary to use the teleporter for Balderdash. I click it, choosing number two, the front of the mainstore, and taking a seat. The teleport barely rattles my tail feathers, and soon I see that I am surrounded by all sorts of fantastical things for sale. Fey ears, an ancient looking skybox, a pose prop inspired by "The Lady of Shalott." There seems to be a little of everything for those inclined to fantasy and mystery, and while normally I would change the windlight settings to midday for better viewing, I decide to stick with the sunset.

There is a Lucky Chair on this floor, by the way, offering a beautiful Oak and Ash Necklace at the moment, but I am not lucky, and thus return to the teleporter, choosing the third option -- "the Ruins" -- this time.

And they are indeed ruins, of lichen-clad white stone. I've seen them from the second floor of Balderdash, and they are just as lovely up close. It's time to pause before moving along. There are five places offered by the teleporter, but there is so much to see here, and to listen to. There are bells, jingling faintly in the distance, and birds, too. Cousins, I suppose.

Oubliette - Ruins

There is a stone path leading northwesterly from these ruins. I decide to take it. While normally I try to be methodical when exploring a sim, I'll get myself lost instead.

I cross an ancient stone bridge over gently-moving water, and find an improbable flower garden, inhabited by dancing butterflies. There is a stone sculpture here, too. Is that an owl? Magic. This place is magic, where colorful irises and foxgloves bloom out of the snowy ground.

Oubliette - Winter Garden

I see another path beyond the garden, leading up, only to find Evie's Closet. Oh, I know this store!  If you are not familiar with it, you should know that it boasts beautiful fantasy wear for elves, fairies, mermaids… even humans!  The shop is full of winding staircases, trees and terraces. I think it's been redesigned since I've seen it last, but I'm not sure. While I want to browse -- I am keeping an eye out for clothing suitable for my strange new form -- I am intrigued by the idea of a secret garden, for which a sign is displayed on a convenient teleport board.

I land in front of steps, leading up to a walled and gated area. The door opens, revealing a green clearing with benches, a small tent, a fortune teller, a stage with an ivy-entwined pergola. I take a turn at the harp, and play "Greensleeves" as I imagine fairies and elves and fauns frolicking, and celebrating the change of seasons.

Oubliette - Secret Garden at Evie's

Before returning to the main floor of Evie's, I pause on a high platform overlooking the region. Where will I go next, I wonder, though I pause on a carved tree trunk to the southwest. There, I decide. If I can find it from the ground.

I browse Evie's for a few minutes more, considering gowns that would beautiful on a fae.  I will have to come back, I think.  Then I make my leave, and see that grand old tree across the river. There is no convenient bridge. Do I try to cross over on the giant snowy log, or do I fly?

Feeling adventurous, I choose the log, and instead of climbing to its summit, I slip through its walls. It is hollow, and functions as a bridge besides! There's a hidden treasure here, too, perfect if you are exploring with a partner and want some alone-time or a photo-op.

The log bridge ends right at the old man in the tree. I stop to admire him -- he is a cheerful fellow -- and smile at the will'o'the'wisps wandering around. Suddenly, "Old man Darach yawns." Have I clicked him by mistake? Maybe, but I touch his bark again, just to be sure, and listen to his dialog. Tree spirits speak very slowly, particularly tired ones, and I am glad of the written translation in my chat window.

Oubliette - Old Man Darach

He falls back asleep, and I move on over snowy ground, toward the sound of the river. And suddenly I am on the river. It seems to be frozen over!  This would be a lovely setting for ice skating, wouldn't it? From there, Balderdash is easterly, and I will probably return there, but I decide to go downstream instead, following the watery path under the log to… a fork in the stream.

It seems the ice has ended, however, which makes my decision easy. I will take to the delta, upon which is a small lichyard watched over by birch trees and a noble deer. There are greens here, too, poking up through the snow, blooming with small yellow flowers. Winter may be in progress here, but it has not taken hold.

Oubliette - Lichyard

Climbing the hill behind the lichyard, I find a mystical waterfall. It looks strangely warm by virtue of the patterns in the stones behind it, and perhaps it is. There is a cliff just behind, and the river as well. Across, to the southwest, I see a statue. This time I will fly in for a closer look.

More will'o'the'wisps greet me as I land on the steps above the statue. What is he? I don't know. Perhaps he is an orc, perhaps a goblin. But whatever he is, he gazes happily at at a butterfly alighted on his palm. I like this fellow.

Oubliette - A Happy Fellow

Continuing up these steps, I follow a brook to an upland meadow. All seasons seem to be represented here, though winter and autumn dominate.  A weatherworn shack of a gnome draws my eye, but not as much as the greenery here. I am reminded that Oubliette borders Ode, one of my favorite sims for photos or just relaxation. The feel is similar. But older, I think. Maybe, though, that is just the winter wind talking.

I do not know where to go from here, or what pictures to take.  Like Ode, Oubliette is the sort of sim that requires return visits. Every new visit will yield a new sight, a new sound, something missed before or something recently added.

Somehow I end up at No Strings Attached (according to the navigation bar) on the eastern border of the region. While I don't immediately find the pose store in question, I do find two stories of small shops offering fantasy costumes, eyes, skins, and more. Sweet Antidote is here, as well as Moonstruck Fantavatar, Banana Banshee, Fallen Gods and, above those, Skinthesis. At this last, I find a 10L avatar called "The Truth About Mermaids," and I can't resist it. There are plenty of fantasy skins and attachments to choose from in this shop, all reasonably priced, and some 20L Skydancer Wings call to me. I have been a wing addict almost since I started Second Life, and while I am rarely fae lately, that hasn't changed. I choose an earthy pair bordered in bright green. The colors remind me of trees. I try them on briefly and they are indeed full-sized fae wings, unscripted but ethereal. I like them! There are also lovely metallic mer tails here. I'll have to remember this place.

I find my way back down, in search of No Strings Attached, but no luck. I suppose what I see in the navigation bar is just a remnant of shopping past, and return to the front of Balderdash, quite close to my landing point. Have I missed something? Undoubtedly. And while I have captured some sights to the best of my ability, a serious photographer would have a field day at Oubliette.

As for me... Well, yes, I'll be back.  I'm sure of it.  How else will I get to see how winter progresses?


Location:  Oubliette

Uses:  Photography, Shopping, Wandering

Shopping:  Balderdash; Banana Banshee; Evie's Closet; Fallen Gods; Moonstruck Fantavatar; Skinthesis

Highlights:  Balderdash, Evie's, Skinthesis, Old Man Darach

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Updated Hints Page.

The SL Unthemed hunt has started! Big thanks to Jenneh Thursday who did most of the hints overnight. I've finished up the missing pieces this morning and have posted the results on our new hints page. 

Take a peek over on the right  (the hints page link is there!) and if you are a shop in the red (okay slightly salmon colour) please contact Jenneh or myself (Audra Siemens) ASAP to get your hunt skip-over resolved!

Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SL Unearthed Unthemed Hunt Preview

SL Unearthed's first hunt is set to begin on Saturday, November 12th. The hunt will run for two weeks and has about 76 stops. We've got some fabulous vendors, with both big and small shops, and some incredible gifts to come.As part of the hunt team, I've been collecting preview pictures from the hunt vendors to share with y'all. These pictures are in no particular order, so they don't reveal hunt order, and I've not edited them in any way, so if the vendor didn't put their shop name on the actual texture I didn't add it. Here's a look at some of the upcoming hunt gifts:

darkfold designs #61 KSLiftedPumpswithColorChangeBows SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift - Khargo SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift - KG Klassics SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift - NIGHTMAIRE TEXTURES & MORE SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift - Solanos Stained Glass SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift - Shadow Moon copy SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift - Cupcake Clothing #31 SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift - Blackheart Designs SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift - Amour Fashion copy SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift - .__ Mind Games __ SLU Blog Pic #58 Pippers Place SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift - The Happy Hat SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift HERS- WAFFLEZ SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift His - WAFFLEZ SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift PeKaS SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift PeKaS Design SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift-_PYNKZ_ SLU Unthemed Hunt Gift_Urban Republic Co. woman SLU Unthemed hunt gift-Les sucreries de Fairy SLU Unthemed Hunt Gifts - @-_~ Inspired Designs ~_-@ SLU Unthemed Hunt-Lyrieals Mens SLU Unthemed Hunt-Lyrieals Womens SLUU Hunt Gift from Amazing Gallery Unthemed Hunt Gift- MollyWorld Dwellings URCo_ SLU Unthemed Hunt Male AD Vesper Dress Vesper Outfit male PenguinLoveShelf-OtW

See? Fabulous gifts to be had. The hunt starts at midnight on the 12th and will start here ... again, it's only a two week long hunt, but with under 100 shops, there should be no problem with finishing the entire hunt. Don't miss it!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sim Crossing - Azure Island (Part 3)

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Every couple of weeks (RL-willing), I drop in on a Second Life sim -- one square on the grid -- just to see what's there.  And every couple of weeks, I find a treasure or two.  One never knows what one will find in an unknown region!  This feature details the results of my explorations.  

Well, I am sure you just itching to know what I found in the Dirty Souff Shopping District of Azure Island.  Before I show you my purchases and finds, though, I should clarify that I did not try on all of the pants that I found.  A big part of the fun I get out of dressing an avatar is the puzzle aspect.  That is to say, it can be tricky to put together an outfit around a fantasy species (such as a faun), and that challenge makes it fun.  (I would never claim to be a fashionista.)

First, let me show you what I purchased.

Azure Island - Purchases

The sunglasses are from B&G, and built by Gaby Perenti.  They cost me 100L, and I love both the look and the color.  Unfortunately, they do bling, and I was wrong about touching to turn them off.  I may have to contact Gaby, and see if she'd be able to fix me up with a bling-free pair, because I love how they look otherwise!  The Pacman rings from Iced took a bit of adjusting -- I think they were built around smaller hands than mine -- but the idea is clever and I love them.  They are by Scarlet Chandrayaan.  The vest and tee, by Malaysia Nowles, are from Swag on Deck.  I am pleased by the colors and the texturing.  The top would probably benefit from a pair of high-waisted jeans, but that's not the shirt's fault!  The rings set me back 75L, and the vest 100L.

Azure Island - Purchases

And here is that tee from Level 5 Toxic, which is by Chime Philly.  It's the sort of thing I'd wear on an evening when I'm not really functioning, mentally.  It was originally designed for a male avatar, I believe, which is why the midriff is not exposed.  Which I like.  It does come with a prim collar and cuffs, but I opted not to wear them due to time constraints.  (Did I really spend an entire day on this sim?)  They were being very fussy, as they started big, and my avatar is on the small side.  Still not a bad find for 25L.

The rest of the outfit is from other places.  The hooves, jeans, horns, ears and tail are from *Epic.* The eyes and manicure are from Sterling Artistry.  (Hi Silverr!)  The hair is from Tiny Bird (since closed, but possibly on the Marketplace by now), and the skin is from Imabee.

Okay, on to freebies!  I won't show you all of them, just the ones that seemed to work for me.  The base outfit credits for these are the same, save for the legs and hooves, which are from Fauntasia in the following pictures.

Azure Island - Freebies

The top and shorts here are the "UW" Casual girl freebie outfit from Urbanwear.  Designed by jesica Banufong, the top involves a very bouncy prim, and the shorts have no prims at all.  I do like how the top is textured, and can imagine it pairing well with a high-waisted skirt.

Azure Island - Freebies

Here is the Free Pink Rocawear Fit from CM Designs, designed by Disembodied Hand.  The hood needed a bit of adjustment, having been designed around a taller avatar, but that was easy to deal with.   I like the colors -- this is not overboard on pink -- and the wrinkled texturing.  The pants fought a bit with my prim legs, but still managed to look good.

Azure Island - Freebies

Here are the "lil miss cutie overalls" by FOREVERSTAR25.  You can pick them up at MX Designs.  Aside from the usual pants competition with the prim legs, I really like them with this avatar.  Torn denim over brown fur looks excellent.

Azure Island - Freebies

This is the cupcake pajama set from Adorkable Swagg, by Tamasa Vanderbor.  Not having prims, this set looks just fine -- adorkable, even -- on an adult avatar.  Well mine, anyway.  If your avatar is a big beefy dude, um, just use your best judgment.

Azure Island - Freebies

And last but not least, here are the free Witch and Halloween hats from Demon Kitties.  They are by misseuro Chau, and she's gone into great detail with them.  I particularly like the witch hat, with its witch rat familiar and particle wand.  These were still out as of Sunday, November 6th, but as it's after Halloween, I would suggest stopping by there as soon as possible if you want them.  Who knows how long they'll be out?

Well, I had fun with Azure (and you can read the first two posts here and here, by the way), and I did indeed find some cool things there, but next time... well, I'm hoping to land somewhere more rural.  Whew!

Sim Crossing - Azure Island (Part 2)

Banner - Sim Crossing

Every couple of weeks (RL-willing), I drop in on a Second Life sim -- one square on the grid -- just to see what's there.  And every couple of weeks, I find a treasure or two.  One never knows what one will find in an unknown region!  This feature details the results of my explorations.  

Now it's time to weave my way around the interior shops of Azure Island!  I begin with Iced, on the north side of the sim.  This is just across from Killa Customs, and boasts some very nice-looking jewelry - including piercings - and poses for models and groups.  Custom jewelry can be ordered from here.  There is a set of Pacman rings that catches my eye, and for 75L, I feel I can afford them.

After putting them in my folder of souvenirs, I go next door to HooDGirlz & Boyz.  This is a store full of club gear, as well as belly chains and other jewelry.  There is a free, pink mini-dress near the back, right underneath a landmark giver, which provides the address of the mainstore.  OMG Fashion has similar offerings, with more emphasis on shoes and accessories.  It's a wee bit more in-your-face than HooDGirlz, and a bit more sparkly.  I'm actually a little surprised I haven't encountered a club around here yet!

Continuing east, I check out Dope Swaga.  A men's clothing store, it offers denims and baseball caps on the first floor, with tops, shoes and more on the second.  Yes, I would certainly send a casual sort of guy to this sim, if he wanted to go clothes shopping.  MX Designs is nearby, and offers club gear for women.  For a woman wanting ripped jeans, well, I'd send her to this sim, too.  They are everywhere, including here.  There are also freebies by the north door, in big pink boxes.  You can't miss seeing them.

I go from there to a new block of stores, starting with Pandora's Box on the corner, in the vicinity of Hot Whips.  It is mostly lingerie, with a couple of interesting dresses thrown in for good measure.  Next door, on the same block, is Sweet Lips, which is a club gear store.  It is having a half price sale right now, and there are some nice looking leggings available.  Um, and body paint.  Moving on, then.

The Vuitton Lvfe Style is a low-key, wood-floored building with portraits of women's outfits on the walls.  They are club gear outfits, but some of the best I've seen in this island so far.  They do not function as vendors, however, and I don't know whether that is intentional.

I almost miss DonDa VBKing Gestures, as it is a small storefront tucked between Vuitton and BLK DMNDS, a men's clothing store.  DMNDS, in spite of the name, isn't a jewelry shop.  Instead it offers men's casuals, baseball caps, and sports jerseys.  Oh, and male skins.  Can't forget those.

Before I forget, I should warn you about the lag.  I've been pushing through pockets of it this afternoon, some of it at Grumble levels.  Part of it may be my connection, but it's hard to know for certain.  Be prepared!

Now I'm ready to move on to the next block, starting with Rekless Ambitions on the northeast corner, across from Body Wear Jewelry.  There are some excellent women's tees in Rekless, many of which are wonderfully geeky.  One of my oldest friends in SL is a self-described hipster.  I'll probably be sending her a landmark to this store.

On the next corner, across from Boo Jhetto, or whatever that store is called, is Adorkable Swagg.  The decor here is rather artsy, with fuchsia and cyan paint spatters on whitewashed stone walls.   It is a youth-oriented store, but I do like the plaid pants.   There are also freebies on the second floor.  I have no idea whether they would fit an adult avatar, but I decide to give the "Free cupcake nitez" a try later.

After that, I turn the corner to Yumz Classy, and the first vacant storefront I've seen.  I'm impressed by that, actually.  This mall may not be rented to capacity, but it's close, and that is a rare thing!  Anyway, Yumz seems to have mostly club gear, but there are some nice women's casuals, too, with high-waisted jeans and surprisingly modest sleeveless tops.

Detroit Baby is on the other side of the vacancy, and while it is club gear, my inner Michigander compels me to take a look anyway.  Most of it is too skimpy for me, but I could imagine myself wearing a cute denim number, which is somewhat more modest, if I ever do want to go dancing at a friend's club.  I'll have to keep that one in mind.

Diamond Disease Clothing is on the next corner, boasting casual men's clothing.  It's sporty, and of course there are baseball caps, but the white Polo cardigans are the most eye-catching to me.  En:Vi:Us Couture proves to be the last rented store on this block.  (There is also a second vacancy on this here.)    This is a place I would shop for club gear, as it has some very cute, short dresses and deemphasizes grunge. No torn jeans here.  Just attitude.

I think I have one more block of stores to check out before I take a look at the courtyard.  I start with Kali's Dopest, right across the street from Diamond Disease.  There is a wide selection of men's jeans and shirts here.  The next two stores, I.D. and Spoiled Most Envied, both offer club gear for women.  The leggings at Spoiled are very tempting.

The other side of the block faces the courtyard, which I'll get to soon, but I have a few more stores here first.  HardStyle Ink is incredibly similar to Kali's Dopest, right down to some of the t-shirts.  Stylo Drift sells sports cars, a somewhat different selection of caps, as well as jeans and accessories for men.  (Guys, if you need a masculine backpack, they have them here.  One of them involves swords.)  The last, and apologies for the name, is F*CktheFAME.  (I just report them like I see them.)  Mostly club gear here, too, but there are some scarves and wool coats just in time for the onset of winter.  I wish I could see what they look like on an avatar, but they aren't modeled, and I really want to check out the courtyard before seeing about those colorful vests.  I bet I have a pair of jeans that would go with one of them.  Oh, and I do pick up a freebie pack from a giftbag just outside the rudely named yet promising store.

The courtyard is dominated by a fountain and a grounded hot air balloon.  There are many platforms that suggest the place has been used for fashion shows, and there is one stray contest board still titled "Best in Halloween Co," left from last month, I'm sure.  The most intriguing thing in this area is a construction area beneath the shopping courtyard.  Camming in, it looks very young, colored in pastels and already decorated with giant toy blocks and a cartoon tree.  There is also a desk, so my first guess is an adoption agency, though it could easily be the beginning of a child-oriented store, or possibly a club if the desk is to be transformed somehow into a DJ booth.  Anything is possible!

Now, before I leave to try on some things, I seem to have missed a store.  That would be Neek, right across from the construction area.  It is a two-story place, mostly with skimpy women's tops and bras, but there are accessories, too.  The knee socks are particularly cute.

Well, it's time I hopped back to Swag On Deck.  The vests come with dark blue jeans, and while I won't be able to wear those as a faun, I do have fauny jeans in a similar color that may work just as well.  Being in an autumn mood, I choose the dotted vest with the orange shirt for 100L.

I think I have seen about all there is to see right now at the Dirty Souff Shopping District, so it is time I headed home and tried some things on.  Stay tuned for Part 3 to see what I found!  (Part 1 is here.)



Location:  Azure Island

Use:  Shopping (Club gear, men's casuals, kids' clothes, cars)

Highlights:  Swag On Deck, Hot Whips, Rekless AmbitionsEn:Vi:Us Couture

Sim Crossing - Azure Island (Part 1)

Banner - Sim Crossing

Every couple of weeks (RL-willing), I drop in on a Second Life sim -- one square on the grid -- just to see what's there.  And every couple of weeks, I find a treasure or two.  One never knows what one will find in an unknown region!  This feature details the results of my explorations.  

I would recommend not landing right in the middle of Azure Island via the World Map.  This region is very built up (which is why it caught my eye in the first place), and you will land underneath the Dirty Souff Shopping District.  I teleport again to the northwest corner, landing on the surface.  Much better!

In spite of the idyllic name, Azure Island has a distinctly urban feel to it.  With many, many shops lined along clean paved streets, this seems to be the upscale shopping part of town.  It is densely built with stores.  It will take hours to look at everything for sale, but I decide to make a goal of shopping for a new outfit.  I'm not sure what yet.  It all depends on what I find.

The first shop I step into, Zentro, is a tattoo store.  These are highly detailed tattoos, in the 150L to 300L range, with the first floor devoted to men, the second for women.  Not bad, and I make a mental note of it, but a new outfit does not necessarily need new ink to go with it!

I head south, pausing to cam into a TrendStyle Reseller.  This is a fine little boutique for club gear, but I'm a bit more curious about Bella's Boutique next door.

There is more club gear at Bella's, this time for men as well as women.  Some interesting stiletto heels are also available, not to mention two gift bags.  One is for women, the other for children.  I will take a look at them after this exploration.

Continuing south -- I am walking the perimeter of the sim before I tackle the interior -- I find Jewelry of Truth.  Ranging in price from 150 to 1000L, this shop features colorful, even shiny, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants.  The designs are fairly simple, but there is cuteness to be had in Hello Kitty section.

Next door is Fiend Made, an Authorized Ubu Reseller, which features some nicely textured men's clothes.  Very sporty!  Just south of that is Demon Kitties, which is very grunge-oriented.  Lots of hats, shoes and accessories here, though there is a bit of apparel for women, too.  Out front, two free Halloween hats are available.  I look forward to trying those on!

Before I trot into the Boys and Girls store, I note that this is a busy sim, already with some activity this early in the morning.  I have voice on, and I'm hearing a small group of people chatting and playing gestures.  While not laggy, this is by far the most frequented sim I've visited so far in Sim Crossing!

Okay, on to B&G!  This is big enough to be an anchor store, with the space equivalent of perhaps three of the previous boutiques, and a second floor besides, though that is vacant.  It offers mostly footwear, ranging from sneakers to stiletto boots, but also has shades and watches for sale.  I am looking for a good fauny outfit, so shoes are definitely out, but I like the look of the sunglasses.  There are bling warnings on the vendors, but that can be toggled with a touch.  So I purchase a pair of purple shades for 100L, and decide to move on with the next shop!

At this point I turn off voice chat.  Wow, this is an active sim!  I don't really want to listen in on other people's conversations, not that I was paying much attention to them.  The next store is Fashion Cents, and I'm getting the impression that if I were to get back into clubbing, this would be a great mall for shopping for the appropriate clothing!  This is a store of women's apparel, and it includes sheer minidresses and lingerie.  There is a formal gown that looks promising, though.  I do pick up a pink cam freebie to try on later, and move along to La Rosa.  There are women's casuals here, too, and shoes.  Yep, this is a clubbing oriented mall so far!  A pair of casual jeans catch my eye, but they are summery and I am in an autumn mood.  I still make a mental note to revisit the place.

Feisty is next.  More mini-dresses here, some apparel for men and children, and there's a dollarbie for men just inside the door.  Then comes Le Beau, a spare shoe store with vendors that don't really seem to be working.  Odd.  The Bad Bitch has raver pink apparel and accessories for sale, and Sassoon Bodies Shapes is elegant if self-explanatory.

Now I'm ready to turn the corner and head east.  It looks like there are some bigger stores on this side, the size of the B&G.  Revamped, the first, sells colorful, tight-fitting clubby clothes, and {X0} is more colorful yet, and with sassy casuals and minidresses for adults and kids.  (Is the presence of child avatar clothes why this sim is G-rated?)  The tattoos on the second floor of {X0} are interesting!

Next is Desirable Skin.  Textures are taking a while to load for me this morning (Apologies for fuzzy storefront pictures!) and the ones in here are no exception.  The Liana Skin looks pretty, though, so I buy a dollar demo to test out.  The skins, at 250L each, are not at all badly priced, and there is a freebie available out front.  I will try that, too!

Swagg Exclusive sells men's casuals, mostly, but also has two black skins for men that do not look to be shaded Caucasion skins.  I don't think.  Urbanwear has casuals, good for clubbing, and some stylish bags for the accessor-inclined.  There are also some cheerfully hostile t-shirts, and two shapes upstairs.  A freebie outfit is available near the front, and apparently contains a casual top and shorts.  I will have a lot to try on before this is over.

EminencE has two floors-worth of male casual outfits ranging between 250 and 300L.  There are some great looking plaids, and everything manages to look urban here.  I believe the next store is called So Sickness, though it may also be Boo Jhetto.  The storefront does not make that clear.  A hip-hop sound clip greets me as I step in to find club-oriented apparel, accessories and gestures for sale.

I am ready to turn the corner to check out the east side of Azure Island.  I haven't had any inspiration in terms of new outfits yet, but there's still so much to see.  I am not even halfway through!  The first store on this side is /CS/, where one can purchase sport caps and jerseys, casual shoes and apparel, including three pop culture hoodies.  Batman, Superman and… Mickey?  Nice!

Moving along, Swag On Deck has some fun, colorful tees and tanks marked to women.  I particularly like the shirt and vest combos, and if I can find just the right skirt to go with them, I will have to come back this way and pick a color.  This is my favorite store here so far!

After that is Baby Girl Swaggerlicious Exclusive.  I'm pretty (but not 100%) sure they have kids' clothes there, so I wander on to Body Wear Jewelry.  In addition to the aforementioned jewelry, there are silks and skimpies for sale, which would indeed help show off some of the goods.

Diamond Air Fationz, next door, offers shredded jeans and sleeveless tops for women, but what really catches my eye is the leopard-print carpeting.  Its neighbor, Hot Whips, is not the S&M store I expected to find, but rather an auto shop, with a playful assortment of cars!  I did not even know cars with Kool-Ade paint jobs existed, but they do.  They are pricy, so I won't be buying one of these on a whim, but they look wonderful!  I can at least daydream about tooling around in a Trix car.

Suave CEO sells casuals for men, and club gear for women.  You know, I guess I should clarify my usage of the phrase "club gear."  I used it to refer to clothes that tend to be on the skimpy side, the sort of thing I've come to expect to see at a typical dance club, worn by patrons or, more likely, staff.  I have nothing against it.  It's just not the sort of thing I typically wear, and I have a difficult time describing in detail.  That being said, there's more of it at Brooklyn Wave, so I move on to Level 5 Toxic.  There are some cute vans and retro cocktail dresses, but I particularly like the geeky t-shirts.  I pick up one for 25L.  It will look great with blue jeans, I think.

The last store on this side is 302 Unlimited Stylez.  It's club gear here, and I still haven't found a good knee-length skirt to go with that vest I liked.  Maybe there will be one on this last side of the Island, though!

No luck at the first store on this side, Glam-Or-Us.  This one is clubby.  There is a free blue jumpsuit offered.  It seems to be a tank and a miniskirt from the picture, but the tank looks promising, so I pick it up.  Medaking, nearby, has men's casuals, mostly t-shirts, and CM Designs, which is shockingly yellow, offers club gear for women.  There is a free gift near the front.  T.T.G. Casuals proves to cater to guys.  The texturing on the jeans looks great, in any case, and guy jeans can still look excellent on female avatars, and are less likely to expose one's crack.  Sinnful Desire sells women's shapes with heavy emphasis on big hips and small waists.  Skins and club gear are also available, as well as a male child shape out front, which is free.

Total Knockout is a men's clothing store.  Really, the men's clothing selection at this mall isn't bad when it comes to casuals.  The name of the store is literally a boxing reference, I think.  The interior decor really does make me think of a boxing ring, with its dark textured floor and two red stripes running along the wall.  The second floor offers more of the same, plus sports jerseys and and t-shirts.

Killa Customs is the last store I come to on the perimeter of this region.  Two stories, it is primarily guy-oriented and casual, though there is club gear for women on the second floor behind the spiral staircase.  There is a free baseball cap out front, though you may have to derender its case if you want to purchase it.

At this point, I need to take a break, and you may want one.  I will have to split this sim into two or three posts, I think, as I still have to explore the interior stores, and try on my souvenirs.  I will show you my favorites when I do!