Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crank It Up!

RL has been insanely hectic lately and the common colds of November haven't been helping much. There are so many great things going on in November though that I'd be completely failing if I didn't get chance to share some stuff!

Crank Design has put out THREE group gifts - two for their group (which is free to join) and one for the WomenSTUFF group. Crank always has nice designs and I was so pleased to see a notice about these amazing gifts! I'm not going to show all three though, you'll just have to go and nab them for yourself!

Crank it up

Instead of showing them all, here's the new WomenSTUFF group gift from Crank Design! Go pick up the gifts before they're gone. 

To top off the awesome for November, I took a trip to PinkFuel and found that, not only are they open again, they have my favorite skin packs on for 100L$ - Is it my birthday?? They also have lots of new stuff, so go check them out!

The Look:
Pose: NANI - Panty Raid
Outfit: WomenSTUFF group Gift  Crank Design Outfit Sweetie
Hair: Vanity hair Warm Red - New Release
Skin: [Pink Fuel] - [PF] Ember <Milk> - Beestung - Blushy - (rdbrow/freck)

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