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Sim Crossing - Azure Island (Part 2)

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Every couple of weeks (RL-willing), I drop in on a Second Life sim -- one square on the grid -- just to see what's there.  And every couple of weeks, I find a treasure or two.  One never knows what one will find in an unknown region!  This feature details the results of my explorations.  

Now it's time to weave my way around the interior shops of Azure Island!  I begin with Iced, on the north side of the sim.  This is just across from Killa Customs, and boasts some very nice-looking jewelry - including piercings - and poses for models and groups.  Custom jewelry can be ordered from here.  There is a set of Pacman rings that catches my eye, and for 75L, I feel I can afford them.

After putting them in my folder of souvenirs, I go next door to HooDGirlz & Boyz.  This is a store full of club gear, as well as belly chains and other jewelry.  There is a free, pink mini-dress near the back, right underneath a landmark giver, which provides the address of the mainstore.  OMG Fashion has similar offerings, with more emphasis on shoes and accessories.  It's a wee bit more in-your-face than HooDGirlz, and a bit more sparkly.  I'm actually a little surprised I haven't encountered a club around here yet!

Continuing east, I check out Dope Swaga.  A men's clothing store, it offers denims and baseball caps on the first floor, with tops, shoes and more on the second.  Yes, I would certainly send a casual sort of guy to this sim, if he wanted to go clothes shopping.  MX Designs is nearby, and offers club gear for women.  For a woman wanting ripped jeans, well, I'd send her to this sim, too.  They are everywhere, including here.  There are also freebies by the north door, in big pink boxes.  You can't miss seeing them.

I go from there to a new block of stores, starting with Pandora's Box on the corner, in the vicinity of Hot Whips.  It is mostly lingerie, with a couple of interesting dresses thrown in for good measure.  Next door, on the same block, is Sweet Lips, which is a club gear store.  It is having a half price sale right now, and there are some nice looking leggings available.  Um, and body paint.  Moving on, then.

The Vuitton Lvfe Style is a low-key, wood-floored building with portraits of women's outfits on the walls.  They are club gear outfits, but some of the best I've seen in this island so far.  They do not function as vendors, however, and I don't know whether that is intentional.

I almost miss DonDa VBKing Gestures, as it is a small storefront tucked between Vuitton and BLK DMNDS, a men's clothing store.  DMNDS, in spite of the name, isn't a jewelry shop.  Instead it offers men's casuals, baseball caps, and sports jerseys.  Oh, and male skins.  Can't forget those.

Before I forget, I should warn you about the lag.  I've been pushing through pockets of it this afternoon, some of it at Grumble levels.  Part of it may be my connection, but it's hard to know for certain.  Be prepared!

Now I'm ready to move on to the next block, starting with Rekless Ambitions on the northeast corner, across from Body Wear Jewelry.  There are some excellent women's tees in Rekless, many of which are wonderfully geeky.  One of my oldest friends in SL is a self-described hipster.  I'll probably be sending her a landmark to this store.

On the next corner, across from Boo Jhetto, or whatever that store is called, is Adorkable Swagg.  The decor here is rather artsy, with fuchsia and cyan paint spatters on whitewashed stone walls.   It is a youth-oriented store, but I do like the plaid pants.   There are also freebies on the second floor.  I have no idea whether they would fit an adult avatar, but I decide to give the "Free cupcake nitez" a try later.

After that, I turn the corner to Yumz Classy, and the first vacant storefront I've seen.  I'm impressed by that, actually.  This mall may not be rented to capacity, but it's close, and that is a rare thing!  Anyway, Yumz seems to have mostly club gear, but there are some nice women's casuals, too, with high-waisted jeans and surprisingly modest sleeveless tops.

Detroit Baby is on the other side of the vacancy, and while it is club gear, my inner Michigander compels me to take a look anyway.  Most of it is too skimpy for me, but I could imagine myself wearing a cute denim number, which is somewhat more modest, if I ever do want to go dancing at a friend's club.  I'll have to keep that one in mind.

Diamond Disease Clothing is on the next corner, boasting casual men's clothing.  It's sporty, and of course there are baseball caps, but the white Polo cardigans are the most eye-catching to me.  En:Vi:Us Couture proves to be the last rented store on this block.  (There is also a second vacancy on this here.)    This is a place I would shop for club gear, as it has some very cute, short dresses and deemphasizes grunge. No torn jeans here.  Just attitude.

I think I have one more block of stores to check out before I take a look at the courtyard.  I start with Kali's Dopest, right across the street from Diamond Disease.  There is a wide selection of men's jeans and shirts here.  The next two stores, I.D. and Spoiled Most Envied, both offer club gear for women.  The leggings at Spoiled are very tempting.

The other side of the block faces the courtyard, which I'll get to soon, but I have a few more stores here first.  HardStyle Ink is incredibly similar to Kali's Dopest, right down to some of the t-shirts.  Stylo Drift sells sports cars, a somewhat different selection of caps, as well as jeans and accessories for men.  (Guys, if you need a masculine backpack, they have them here.  One of them involves swords.)  The last, and apologies for the name, is F*CktheFAME.  (I just report them like I see them.)  Mostly club gear here, too, but there are some scarves and wool coats just in time for the onset of winter.  I wish I could see what they look like on an avatar, but they aren't modeled, and I really want to check out the courtyard before seeing about those colorful vests.  I bet I have a pair of jeans that would go with one of them.  Oh, and I do pick up a freebie pack from a giftbag just outside the rudely named yet promising store.

The courtyard is dominated by a fountain and a grounded hot air balloon.  There are many platforms that suggest the place has been used for fashion shows, and there is one stray contest board still titled "Best in Halloween Co," left from last month, I'm sure.  The most intriguing thing in this area is a construction area beneath the shopping courtyard.  Camming in, it looks very young, colored in pastels and already decorated with giant toy blocks and a cartoon tree.  There is also a desk, so my first guess is an adoption agency, though it could easily be the beginning of a child-oriented store, or possibly a club if the desk is to be transformed somehow into a DJ booth.  Anything is possible!

Now, before I leave to try on some things, I seem to have missed a store.  That would be Neek, right across from the construction area.  It is a two-story place, mostly with skimpy women's tops and bras, but there are accessories, too.  The knee socks are particularly cute.

Well, it's time I hopped back to Swag On Deck.  The vests come with dark blue jeans, and while I won't be able to wear those as a faun, I do have fauny jeans in a similar color that may work just as well.  Being in an autumn mood, I choose the dotted vest with the orange shirt for 100L.

I think I have seen about all there is to see right now at the Dirty Souff Shopping District, so it is time I headed home and tried some things on.  Stay tuned for Part 3 to see what I found!  (Part 1 is here.)



Location:  Azure Island

Use:  Shopping (Club gear, men's casuals, kids' clothes, cars)

Highlights:  Swag On Deck, Hot Whips, Rekless AmbitionsEn:Vi:Us Couture

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