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Sim Crossing - Azure Island (Part 3)

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Every couple of weeks (RL-willing), I drop in on a Second Life sim -- one square on the grid -- just to see what's there.  And every couple of weeks, I find a treasure or two.  One never knows what one will find in an unknown region!  This feature details the results of my explorations.  

Well, I am sure you just itching to know what I found in the Dirty Souff Shopping District of Azure Island.  Before I show you my purchases and finds, though, I should clarify that I did not try on all of the pants that I found.  A big part of the fun I get out of dressing an avatar is the puzzle aspect.  That is to say, it can be tricky to put together an outfit around a fantasy species (such as a faun), and that challenge makes it fun.  (I would never claim to be a fashionista.)

First, let me show you what I purchased.

Azure Island - Purchases

The sunglasses are from B&G, and built by Gaby Perenti.  They cost me 100L, and I love both the look and the color.  Unfortunately, they do bling, and I was wrong about touching to turn them off.  I may have to contact Gaby, and see if she'd be able to fix me up with a bling-free pair, because I love how they look otherwise!  The Pacman rings from Iced took a bit of adjusting -- I think they were built around smaller hands than mine -- but the idea is clever and I love them.  They are by Scarlet Chandrayaan.  The vest and tee, by Malaysia Nowles, are from Swag on Deck.  I am pleased by the colors and the texturing.  The top would probably benefit from a pair of high-waisted jeans, but that's not the shirt's fault!  The rings set me back 75L, and the vest 100L.

Azure Island - Purchases

And here is that tee from Level 5 Toxic, which is by Chime Philly.  It's the sort of thing I'd wear on an evening when I'm not really functioning, mentally.  It was originally designed for a male avatar, I believe, which is why the midriff is not exposed.  Which I like.  It does come with a prim collar and cuffs, but I opted not to wear them due to time constraints.  (Did I really spend an entire day on this sim?)  They were being very fussy, as they started big, and my avatar is on the small side.  Still not a bad find for 25L.

The rest of the outfit is from other places.  The hooves, jeans, horns, ears and tail are from *Epic.* The eyes and manicure are from Sterling Artistry.  (Hi Silverr!)  The hair is from Tiny Bird (since closed, but possibly on the Marketplace by now), and the skin is from Imabee.

Okay, on to freebies!  I won't show you all of them, just the ones that seemed to work for me.  The base outfit credits for these are the same, save for the legs and hooves, which are from Fauntasia in the following pictures.

Azure Island - Freebies

The top and shorts here are the "UW" Casual girl freebie outfit from Urbanwear.  Designed by jesica Banufong, the top involves a very bouncy prim, and the shorts have no prims at all.  I do like how the top is textured, and can imagine it pairing well with a high-waisted skirt.

Azure Island - Freebies

Here is the Free Pink Rocawear Fit from CM Designs, designed by Disembodied Hand.  The hood needed a bit of adjustment, having been designed around a taller avatar, but that was easy to deal with.   I like the colors -- this is not overboard on pink -- and the wrinkled texturing.  The pants fought a bit with my prim legs, but still managed to look good.

Azure Island - Freebies

Here are the "lil miss cutie overalls" by FOREVERSTAR25.  You can pick them up at MX Designs.  Aside from the usual pants competition with the prim legs, I really like them with this avatar.  Torn denim over brown fur looks excellent.

Azure Island - Freebies

This is the cupcake pajama set from Adorkable Swagg, by Tamasa Vanderbor.  Not having prims, this set looks just fine -- adorkable, even -- on an adult avatar.  Well mine, anyway.  If your avatar is a big beefy dude, um, just use your best judgment.

Azure Island - Freebies

And last but not least, here are the free Witch and Halloween hats from Demon Kitties.  They are by misseuro Chau, and she's gone into great detail with them.  I particularly like the witch hat, with its witch rat familiar and particle wand.  These were still out as of Sunday, November 6th, but as it's after Halloween, I would suggest stopping by there as soon as possible if you want them.  Who knows how long they'll be out?

Well, I had fun with Azure (and you can read the first two posts here and here, by the way), and I did indeed find some cool things there, but next time... well, I'm hoping to land somewhere more rural.  Whew!

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