Friday, December 16, 2011

Hair sale at D!va

psst...did you know that D!va makes really cool hair? All kinds of styles, from short to long, updo's and braids. Although a couple of the styles might be suitable for men, the majority are clearly for women, being quite girly with frills and swoops in all the right places.
The hairs fit well with so many genres like urban, scene, neko, kawaii, dolly, grunge, medieval, dress-up and yes, even everyday normal.
D!va has the coolest demo setup I've seen. Change colors, and watch the pose and accessories change. When I start selling hair, I want to offer demos like these. Of course, the problem with a static pose when trying to assess a hair is that you can't really see how the hair responds to movement, so the more recent D!va demos forego the static poses and instead encircle the wearer with a wreath of delicate ivy. Either way, it's fun - and also necessary. The hairs are no modify. They contain scripts for resizing, but if you have strands poking through your eyebrows or you want to tint the color a little, you're out of luck, so do try the demos.
Most of the styles are actually two styles, with a variation of bangs or scarf or hat included. Did I mention there's a SALE on right now?
And I should point out that the hair is 50% off. Yes, half off. Yes, ALL styles! With such cool demos and even the usual low price cut in half, how could anyone resist? (p.s. There are also a hunt prize, 4 lucky boards and many group gifts available!)
You need to visit D!va before December 20. Here's your teleport.

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