Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photospot: Egyptian Desert

Photospot on SL Unearthed is a semi-regular feature that highlights a Second Life spot that is a cool place at which to take portrait photos inworld. Not an entire sim, not even a complete parcel, but just a single specific location - a spot - with portrait opportunity.

There are a couple different ways to reach today's Photospot, and we're going to take the scenic route. What you will be seeing at first when you land in the midst of Enchantment Island is a madcap mix of styles and cultures. There are many things to see and do here, and you might find yourself distracted for awhile. When you're ready, follow the signs to the Egyptian boat ramp at 189/96 and hop aboard a sailing ship to Egypt. The boat navigates itself, so just hold on, even if it gets caught up in a swirling whirlpool...!
Photospot: taking the boat
When you arrive to the Egyptian desert, the boat will gently drop you off in the sands. You can now head over to today's Photospot at 177/222, or take time to explore Tutankhamen's tomb first. A nearby sign presents a puzzle to solve, and a few steps later, you could find yourself inside the pyramid's chambers!

Whether you've just arrived to the desert or just emerged from the pyramid, enter 177/222 into the Map to give yourself a beacon. This Photospot is almost the center of the desert, near the middle of three palms. There are some dunes, a few structures, a monolith, carvings and some pyramids in near distance. You have arrived.
Photospot: Egyptian Desert
With such minimalist surroundings, Windlight extremes can really shine here. I liked the "Coastal Afternoon" preset for delivering a feeling of desert light with a touch of realism. But there's no obligation for "realism" in Second Life, so bring on the blues and greens and pinks or whatever suits your fancy. One of my favorite takes used the "Blizzard" preset; hardly a setting that one would think of first for a desert scene, but when it works, that's all that really matters.
Put your imagination to work. If you start running low on ideas, turn the camera around and aim a different direction. The entire scene instantly changes.
like an egyptian
I had fun with my Egyptian lady cavorting about the sand dunes and pyramids, and I hope you'll enjoy it, too. It's a cool place to inspire imagery that you might not otherwise have considered. Take the teleport, hop aboard the ship, and sail on to your own Egyptian desert inspirations.

Flickr members: you're invited to join the SL Unearthed Photospot group and add your pictures taken at Photospot locations to the group pool.
Take note that very little in SL stays the same for very long. After even a short while, Photospot locations may be gone or changed in a significant way that renders their SLurls ineffective as originally intended, so be sure to grab these opportunities as they come!

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