Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where Mermaids Dance

Today I hung out at the Pillars of Hercules region with a friend of mine - we got to explore it a bit but there are so many things to see we didn't get to see it all - maybe I'll show more of it later.

However, while we were there, we stumbled upon a club under the water and I was completely blown away by the look and feel of this location. This is my semi-photospot post, because the entire sim really is lovely and well made, but this was the part so far that I enjoyed the most.

Its completely underwater, the linden water, so everything has this blue hue and your draw distance is limited accordingly. That said though, you can still use your windlight settings to play around with the look you want, and I did!

The backdrop used on the outside circle gives the illusion that the wall actually is a scene that goes on indefinitely, it caught my eye and held it - I found myself pressing my nose to it seeing if I could peek farther into the scene.

Aside from the backdrop, the lighting caught my eye next - there are spotlights and swirling lights and little wisps... the entire effect being simply magical, as it should be for a hangout of mythical creatures.

There are poseballs for cuddling and dancing like you'd see in any club, but these are "Mer-people" oriented. Mer couples dances, Mer cuddles in pillow filled shells and Mer floating dances.

The pink mermaid outfit I'm wearing is a free gift from the club and comes with a mer-AO - its basic, but works well for the most part and there's a whole outfit for men as well! From the signs in the club there is a Mer Dance every Monday evening - I may just come back to check it out if I'm not already working!

The rest of what I'm wearing:
Hair: madison 2 - Milk (with shoulder attachment) - from Point B (Analog Dog) - Holiday Gift Pack
Skin: Curio/Gala - Party Girl in Petal tone (Potion makeup - dark brows and freckles)
Shape: My own

Photos edited in Photoscape - minimal editing was done to preserve windlight features.

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