Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Photospot: Ethereal Caverns

Photospot on SL Unearthed is a semi-regular feature that highlights a Second Life spot that is a cool place at which to take portrait photos inworld. Not an entire sim, not even a complete parcel, but just a single specific location - a spot - with portrait opportunity.

Sometimes you need an area where you can feature your not-so-human avatars. Today's Photospot is such a place, deep in the Ethereal Slate caverns. This area is built by the TeaLink group and welcomes visitors. Perhaps you've been here before; it's been in place since 2008 and much (possibly all) of the work is by Jopsy Pendragon. (Yes, he of Particle Laboratory fame.) Although it will also do fine for human avatars, this is a particularly excellent place for your wild animals or or perhaps even aliens. Merfolk might find it pleasing as well. I chose to don a faerie dragon (a nearly-freebie made by Grendel's Children).


The SLurl sets you gently down on an elevated rail track which you can follow further into the cavern. When you reach its end, step out on a ledge and you might discover the spiral ramp that will lead you down to the waters. Deep in the center, you'll behold the magic tree and be beguiled by the colorful lights of the Dark Crystal. If you have the ability to fly like my dragon, it's even more fun, I must say.


The cavern also holds curious buildings of the ancients and a mysterious dark orb which really comes to life under certain Windlight settings. Speaking of which, Windlight loves this place, and you can seriously get some fun going with a bit of color and glowing fog. As an added bonus for me, my dragon has black stripes over white, and the white picked up and flaunted every color Windlight offered. So sometimes my dragon was blue or yellow or even purple. It only added to the fun.


If you wander too far, you'll end up in the Teal sim, but the caverns continue there, too, so go ahead and enjoy the wander. For an extra treat, indulge in the magic by using the crystal platform transport to visit the Crystal Palace and maybe take a hot air balloon ride. Really, Jopsy's work here could keep you occupied for days, and you're sure to find a lot more photo opportunities. Make time for it!

Flickr members: you're invited to join the SL Unearthed Photospot group and add your pictures taken at Photospot locations to the group pool.
Take note that very little in SL stays the same for very long. After even a short while, Photospot locations may be gone or changed in a significant way that renders their SLurls ineffective as originally intended, so be sure to grab these opportunities as they come!

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