Friday, May 3, 2013

Evale - an Ikon!

Have you ever opened your SL closet and, although its huge, you find you need something new? That happened to me the other day. To top it off I was feeling rather lazy, so I took to the marketplace to help me find a new outfit and within a few clicks, I'd found my new favorite. So much so that I've been wearing it for two days in a completely uncharacteristic move on my part!

The added bonus? Its only 49L$!

May 3, 2013

Evale has boxed up this entire outfit - top, mesh sweater, mesh skinny jeans and boots! I was shocked to find such a good deal, but so very pleased to find that it all fit fantastically. On my second day of wearing, I was also delighted to remember that the Ikon group gift is out right now! I hopped on over to pick it up and the "Denim" eyes are GORGEOUS!

May 3, 2013

My location today? I'm in front of a mesh, 2-prim book case in my new living room  When I say bookcase, I mean the case and everything on it.  You can get the entire set (and much more) at LAQ in-world store, or on their marketplace. It is seriously worth it. The most realistic items while remaining low prim - I'm still amazed at the quality.

The Look:

Outfit: Evale Look 06 - PROMO - 49L$
Hair: >TRUTH< Mindy - blood
Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes - Denim (ML)
Mesh Face: Snow Rabbit - S@R Hybrid Avatar_Nea_Natural White
Bookcase: LAQ Decor - 6 color pack - three types of book cases!

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