Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do you know Jack?

The Halloween seasons is upon us, and that of course means great outfits, costumes and designer gifts! As well as things for your avi, there are lots of interesting places to explore with a creepy theme! London has taken their dungeon and transformed it into a walk through the grim past of London - including a room about the Jack the Ripper!

Where's Jack?

~Shadow Moon~ has some great hunt gifts out right now, including the Halloween Stripes outfit above! There's also a companion male version! It includes the boots, mesh corset, socks, armbands, bat necklace and skirt!. The skin is a group gift from ::Modish:: and the hair was part of the secret sale last month at ChiChickie! The style is still available though! The pumpkin is a great item (with lots of different options) available at Fauxy Walks in their London location!

Where's Jack?

So head out and get yourself all halloween'd up and then search out what freaks and beasts you can find, just be-careful they don't find you first! *Runs away from Jack!*

The Look: 

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