Friday, September 21, 2012

Continent Crash: Africa!

One of the great things about living on or exploring the Linden Mainland is that you can have some interesting neighbors and stumble across some interesting parcels. And that's just exactly what happened to me when I bought a small slice of heaven along the Linden ocean - I met some great people, saw some awesome spaces and am neighbor to a culture I've never had the pleasure of experiencing before - Africa!

Audra goes African 

This little spot is a few parcels down for me, and its a great location if you're interested in learning about Africa, or just wanting to hang out with some really great people! Its called "Africa Live!" and the outfits of today were purchased here too! They are from :: ARTIZANA :: who makes gorgeous mesh modern African culture clothing. The one above also comes with a beautiful mesh shawl in black or beige. 

Audra goes African

There are lots of things to do in the Africa Live! location - lots to learn and many freebies!! Join the group and watch for events and get-togethers so you can meet the great people in this area! The teal outfit above comes with many options, vest, belt, pants, head wrap, dress - its all mesh and it includes the shoes!

Audra goes African

This gorgeous elegant, yet casual dress above comes with the sandals as well, and the detail is amazing! So, go for the shopping, go for the fun, go for the meet and great, join the group and have a blast in Africa Live!

The digs:
All Pictures:
Poses: Bounce This Poses - Seductive Pose Pack

Hair: .b - rebel rebel - fox - (New Release!)
Skin: [Aura] Briar - Berlin  - Caramel - Old Group Gift (although I think it is still available!)
Location: Africa Live!

Picture 1:  :: ARTIZANA :: BOUGOUNI XX
Picture 2: :: ARTIZANA :: MOPTI IV
Picture 3: :: ARTIZANA :: TASUMA XI (pepper)

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