Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Deliriously Diva Glam!

Yesterday I mentioned being overwhelmed at the start of the new month... that's because there is so much awesomeness available now I'm having a hard time deciding what to post and how to sort through it all! This morning's look is a bunch of newness and a group gift! (Ooooh.. freeeeeee...)

Glam Affair, Delirium Style and D!va!

I've been watching Aida Ewing's flickr feed for a bit and have been highly anticipating the release of the beautiful "Lilith" skin! So excited was I that I actually got a shade darker than I intended, but its so gorgeous I don't even care!

Sometimes I'm busy and click absentmindedly through notices without having a chance to really look at them - but sometimes on chance, I go back and see what I missed, and I missed a good'un! D!va released a hair previously only available at Collabor88 and its so adorable! The flowers are colourchange, the hair is resize and its sold for only L$150!

Glam Affair, Delirium Style and D!va!

The giftie is the ENTIRE outfit, available as a group gift from Delirium Style. Look! PANDAZ! I love love love pandas and this shirt is just so adorable. Everything about this outfit is highly detailed and full of sass!

The Look:

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