Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Goodies!

I love halloween, and halloween in SL is just fantastic! The costumes are amazing and the gift givers can be gracious.

Miel gave out two great "pumkiny" outfits in their subscribo (which she says will still be available, so run and get it now!) One is a pumkin dress with a leafy hat (not shown) and the other is this bag wrapped in rope dress with pumpkins in a sac on the back. Both pumkin parts feature pumkin faces that change (and are adorable!). The entire outfit is resize too, so it was easy peasy to fit on my BBW avi.

::Modish:: gave out a seriously gorgeous skin as a group gift. The group is free to join and the skin is just fabulous with its pouty lips, pale skin, well placed blush and dark eyes, its the type of skin I adore. I also snagged some eye makeup from their gatcha machine - there were many possible winning styles!

The hair I'm wearing is a new release, and my new favorite, from ChiChickie! It was on sale, but I do believe the sale is up. You can still snag a pack for $200L for 4-color pack. A classic but flirty style, I am completely in love with this hair.

I hope everyone is enjoying the festive halloween season - its certainly not too soon to break out the costumes!

Other stuff in the pictures:

Backdrop is from "Off
the wall"

Pose is from
Eyes are

Ears are from

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