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Sim Crossing - SEEADLER

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Every couple of weeks (RL-willing), I drop in on a Second Life sim -- one square on the grid -- just to see what's there.  And every couple of weeks, I find a treasure or two.  One never knows what one will find in an unknown region!  This feature details the results of my explorations.  

Seeadler - Map

I land near the southeast corner of SEEADLER.  It's been a successful teleport.  I've been booted from one sim, found another empty (and for rent) aside from its interesting terrain, failed in a teleport to another, but this one works.  In fact, it asks my permission to change my windlight settings (Yes please!), and gentle piano music plays in the background.  This land, according to the navigation bar, is Crescent*Moon.  And according to the parcel details, it is owned by Yuki, aka Snowflower Magic.  My music stream is not on, so I don't know where the music is coming from, but I welcome it.  This sim provides a sense of peace, odd and lovely as it is.

Seeadler - Landing

Before me is a wooden walkway through a grassy meadow.  A lantern glows.  Narnia?  Not really, but I can pretend.  I want to take the walkway, but there's something behind me, tucked in the corner.  I should look at that first.

I am hoof deep in clear, rippling water.  There is a cafe here, complete with sizzling breakfast, bunnies on the bar, and pumpkin decor.  Beyond is a shelf with unhatched Meeroos, and grown ones chatter off to my right.  There is an odd assortment of places to sit scattered about.  A rocking horse, floating chairs, and some comfy plush chairs near the corner of a ruined brick wall are all available for someone who wants to rest their weary feet.  This is a place of glowing butterflies and peacock feathered trees, beautiful and eery and somehow perfect for the season it's currently decorated for.

Seeadler - Crescent Moon
But I have to move on, so back to the walkway I go, northerly past the Lantern Waste and through the meadow.  There is a wooden bridge not far ahead, and trees done up for autumn.  The music fades as I walk, into… something new?  After a moment to test out a swing, I cross the bridge, past a raccoon, to a flowery lavender meadow.  There are male/female pose balls on the bridge, and couples dance balls here.  The autumn cafe is set up for a party, but this, an area that I'll consider spring-oriented, is more private.  There is only the one set of dance balls here, and there is one canopied couch that overlooks a pair of swans gliding around a pond.

Seeadler - Swan pond

The thing is, I'm alone here, and it seems strange to linger in a couple's area.  Besides, the music of autumn and spring overlaps oddly.  I keep moving north, through a deep channel, and into a new parcel.  It's unnamed, and while sparsely decorated, it's very cute.  Owned by Mayu Kanya, it seems to be a place for child's play.  There is a grand treehouse, too, but I'd prefer to move on.

The parcel to the west is owned by Nori Watkins.  A wooden couples' bench sits under an ivy-colored pergola, on a rise overlooking a channel, another bridge, and what appears to be somebody's house.  Or is it a shop?  It's hard to tell sometimes.  My first instinct, though, is that it's someone's home, so I just look from a distance, and keep going.

Seeadler - Overlook

I find Pomodoro, a little shop near the center of Seeadler.  A cigarette stand, mailbox, and bench sit out front, and up the steps is the shop itself, selling earrings, shirts, odds and ends.  I find a fun tomato t-shirt, a necklace, and oh, some freebie wood-obake earrings for Halloween.  Very cute!  The t-shirt and necklace come in three-color packs.  I purchase those -- they are inexpensive -- try them on, and contemplate camping for more earrings.  It's time to move on to the last parcel.  Maybe some other time.

Seeadler - Pomodoro

I have to take a break in the middle of this exploration, and when I come back, I use the landmark Pomodoro has included with my purchases.  Oddly enough, it lands me quite near that house on the ridge.  It is mostly empty, this house of weathered white brick and wooden floors.  I assume that it is the former location of Pomodoro.  There is not much to see, aside from a fantastic view of the ocean, but there is plenty to imagine.

Seeadler - Old Pomodoro

Below the steep ridge -- it's quite a descent -- is a large firepit, a tree with poseballs beneath, and a wooden bridge.  I can see the other Pomodoro ahead.  That is where I reorient myself.

Seeadler - Down the hill

There is a deep channel between me and the southwest parcel.  I haven't seen much in the way of aquaculture here, so I fly rather than swim.

I land on a hill, which is partially done up for autumn, though the sunflowers and bunnies suggest spring or summer.  Is this parcel a retreat of some sort?  The home near the water seems to suggest that, as does the 7Seas Fishing setup on the shore.  I quite like this place, but it seems like a residential retreat, so I retreat myself, back to my initial landing point.  Crescent*Moon is still my favorite parcel here, after all of that, but I like Pomodoro, too.  It's a neat little shop.  Just be sure to use the right landmark!

Seeadler - Pomodoro goodies
Displaying the green tomato t-shirt, necklace, and wood-obake earrings from Pomodoro.


Location:  SEEADLER

Uses:  Hanging Out, Shopping

Hangout:  Crescent*Moon, spring meadow
Shopping:  Pomodoro

Highlights:  Crescent*Moon, Pomodoro

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