Sunday, October 16, 2011

A TINY bit of Halloween Fun

Tinies, ever wish for a hunt that was just for you? "Biggies" ever think about going tiny? Well y'all are in luck! From October 15th - October 31st you can do the Tinies Halloween Hunt. You'll be looking for itty bitty little pumpkin at are 28 stops, two of which have two hunt gifts (one for the girls and one for the guys), each stop's gift costs 1L ... so for under 30L you can get some pretty awesome little gifts ... Take a look:

THH 23
Complete tiny avatar from stop #23

Another complete tiny avatar from stop #6

THH 16
Costumes from stop #16 (I've edited and uploaded this picture 3 times, I don't know why the blur is there)

Clothing from stops #1, 8, 12, 26, 27 and 28 ... As you can see from the pictures, two of the stops offer an outfit that is suitable for both male and female, and stops #26 and 27 offer a male outfit and a female outfit in seperate pumpkins.
THH 1 and 4 THH 8 THH 12 and 10 THH 26 THH 27 THH 28

The hats shown in two of the pictures do not come with the outfits, here's a view of those hats, plus a third that comes as just the hat.

Stop #4 - touch the hat when worn and the stacks emit steam/smoke

THH 10
Stop # 10

THH 17
Stop #17

In addition to the avatars, costumes, clothing and hats, several of the stops have adorable furnishings and toys:

Drive-able tinies coffin car from stop #7

THH 11
Ride-able Pentagram Merry-go-round from stop #11. Each spiderweb is a spot for a tiny to sit.

THH 24
Fly-able bat from stop #24. It works like any plane in SL, and comes with directions. I couldn't get a picture with me sitting on it because it was moving while I was trying to frame the shot.

THH 21
Gnome Home from stop #21. It's rather large, could work for a 'normal' sized avatar as a small cottage, you can see my tiny little speck of a self in the doorway of the house.

Misc Decor:

THH 3 THH 5 THH 13 THH 15 THH 18 THH 22 THH 25

Many of the decor items are big enough that they could easily be used as decor for a "normal" sized avatar's home/garden. There are a few stops with gifts like gestures which obviously cannot be photographed and so aren't included here.

Start the hunt here ... The hunt has a blog located here with hints for most stops.

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