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Sim Crossing - Fermat

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Every couple of weeks (RL-willing), I drop in on a Second Life sim -- one square on the grid -- just to see what's there.  And every couple of weeks, I find a treasure or two.  One never knows what one will find on an unknown sim!  This feature details the results of my explorations.  

After scrolling through the World Map for a bit, skimming over largely undeveloped sims and bailing on one that seems residential, or at least private (the No Access message is a very strong clue), I finally land in the corner of Fermat.  I choose the southeast corner because it is very green, and I prefer not to land in or on structures if I can help it.

I am intrigued by the build to the northwest, that tall platform on stilts, like some truncated pyramid a strong wind might blow down.  And is that a sculpture behind it?  Oh, I am curious about this!

Fermat - Landing

The navigation bar tells me that this parcel is the Trenza Cafe branch office.  I'm not sure what that means, but I do see a very cool landmark giver.  It obediently hands me a landmark to the DAIKIN Air Resort.  Hmm, interesting.

Not far from that is a platform, which is surrounded by advertisements and a giant, scrumptious-looking cake.  Upon the platform is what seems to be a hobbit home.  This is probably an excellent hangout for Fermat regulars, and for visitors, there are teleport pads to the Trenza CAFE and a particle shop.  The particle shop may be on that platform, judging by the coordinates, and I'll try out that teleporter as soon as I check out the pool nearby.

Fermat - Hobbit House

Appropriately, there is a free female fish skin available just between the hobbit house and the pool.  On a whim, I take a copy, and try it on, along with the included eyes.  Hmm.  Well, according to the Tropical zodiac I am a Capricorn, and a Cap is part fish, part goat.  So it sort of works, but would probably still look better on a mermaid.

Fermat - Fish Skin

After putting my usual skin and eyes back on, I am tempted to spend a few minutes at 7 Seas Fishing, but decide to tackle the pipe maze instead.  Which is harder than it looks...

You know, it can wait, and I want to see the particle shop…

I have a bit of trouble teleporting, and it takes some creative sitting to finish landing on what is indeed a shop on stilts.  A spinning sign indicates that it is under construction.  Still, there are things for sale in here, including trees, landmark givers, and, of course, particles.  The store itself is beautiful, done in wood and stone, with windows displaying a gently moving cloud texture.  A gold sculpture watches over things.  I purchase a flower seed particle poofer (The seeds are big, and I can only imagine what sort of flowers they might grow into.), take another look around, and then decide that falling would be the fastest way to exit store.  It's not a damage-enabled sim, thankfully.

Fermat - Particle shop

There are giant books off of the southwest corner of the platform, and I want to see what is up with those, so that is where I jump. The books make up Fabula Suiomh, a store of poses, elegant furniture, and even a bit of clothing.  Ohh, and a Gatcha.  I can never resist those, especially the goofy ones.  As this one is.  I'll show you my souvenirs later.

Fermat - Fabula Suiomh

From Fabula, I go north, pass a short runway and some small aircraft, and arrive at the R.A. Crystal jewelry shop.  While Fermat, so far, has had a Japanese (I think) flavor to it, this shop looks British to me, or maybe that's just the telephone booth outside.  There is an information booth near the entrance, with a group joiner and some very cute gifts to go with it.  My group slots tend to be full, or close to it, so I don't join, but the necklaces and anklets are worth checking out.  It's an expansive store, with colorful yet elegant beadwork   Most of the items seem to cost 100L and up, more for sets, but I do find a 30L bracelet and a free reopening memorial gift.  I purchase both from Rama Anatine -- ahh, that's what R.A. stands for -- and add them to my folder of souvenirs.  There is some clothing here, too, including wedding gowns, but this is principally a very nice jewelry store.

Fermat - R.A. Crystal Jewelry Shop

I am close to the northwest corner of Fermat, now, so I wander easterly to the other side of the sim.  There is a large, two-story shop here, but I am not entirely sure where the entrance is.  There must be a door to Crie Style somewhere!  But after a camming around for a bit, I just shrug, and fly into a courtyard area instead.  If this were a real-life store, it would feel like a break-in.

Fermat - Crie Style Main Store

There is a bar and lounge area to the west of the courtyard, where I take a breather before venturing into Crie Style.  There is some very creative, fashionable eyewear here, including some beautiful monocles.  Makeup is available, too, as well as male skins, and clothing for both sexes.  The clothing would make good clubwear I think.  Well, aside from the bikinis, which are of course better suited to a beach or pool.  This is not an inexpensive store, but there are demos, and some 10L glasses (yay!) at the information booth to test out.

I'd spend more time here, but there is one more place to look at before I go back home to try some things on.  It is La Petite Fleur, an eclectic boutique store.  The place mostly deals in clothing, but a skybox is also for sale here, Orbis (?) via a Gatcha, and DJ booths.  This build, done in wood and beige, is well-lit and decorated with tasteful plants. It's a peaceful shop, and I find myself lingering, and wondering if those lovely checked skirts would look nice on me. (Before I leave, I do end up purchasing one, and a shirt to go with it. The prices are more than reasonable)  There are wedding gowns here, too, and I wonder if they are the same as those offered at the jewelry shop.

Fermat - La Petite Fleur

This is quite a nice sim, well-organized, with plenty of shopping and things to do.  I really will have to come back and attempt that maze, but for now, it's time to go try some things on!

It turns out, I have a great new outfit from Fermat.  The skirt and sweater from La Petite Fleur, baubles from R.A. Crystal Jewelry, and those 10L glasses from Crie Style combine to create fancy librarian-like ensemble.  The Reader's Nook makes a good setting in which to display it!

Fermat Outfit at Readers Nook

One of those eggs from Fabula Suimh, however, seems to want a different setting.  I hop over to Greenhouse, which I profiled at the old blog few weeks ago.  Cute, huh?

Holding the Egg at Greenhouse

So Fermat was a great excursion.  I still have to return for some fishing and maze-running.  And probably some shopping, too.  It's a great place for both!

Fermat - Map


Location:  Fermat

Uses:  Gaming, Hanging Out, Shopping

Games:  7Seas Fishing, Pipe Maze
Hangout:  Hobbit House
Shopping:  Crie Style Main Store; Fabula Suiomh; La petite fleur; Particle shop; R.A. Crystal Jewelry

Highlights:  Fabula Suiomh, La Petite Fleur

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