Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photospot: Fortunes Told

Photospot on SL Unearthed is a semi-regular feature that highlights a Second Life spot that is a cool place at which to take portrait photos inworld. Not an entire sim, not even a complete parcel, but just a single specific location - a spot - with portrait opportunity.

Try not to wander off from today's Photospot. We're headed to the "Island of Carnage," a Halloween/horror themed amusement sim sponsored by DreamStudios. It is true that there is a great deal of spooky, spine-tingling stuff to be seen around here. You might want to visit the Crystal Lake Campground, oogle the living specimens in the freak show, take your chances in the haunted house on the hill or even enter the Bates High School to watch the cheerleaders practicing. But if you must roam around, stay on the alert for zombies. Oh yes, really. You've been warned.
While the entire "Island of Carnage" has plenty to offer in the way of photo opportunities, today's Photospot target is a small fortune telling tent somewhat in the center of everything. Inside this tent, you'll find a cloth-covered table with some tarot cards, potion bottles and a crystal ball. There's also a human skull for good measure, perhaps helpful when trying to contact spirits from the beyond, although around this sim, no extra help is really needed for raising the dead.
The table only lets you sit on one of the two chairs, but the area is build-enabled (or was when I visited). After taking pics from the one direction, I rezzed a pose ball to sit on, then positioned my fortune teller on the opposite chair, just to shake things up. This also had the added benefit of being able to use a standing pose and make it appear that she was seated, a handy trick for situations like this! If you do rez a pose ball or additional props for the table, please remember to take them with you when you're done.
Bring out your gypsies, warlocks, witches and weeping widows! There isn't a lot of room in this tent to maneuver, but while trying a variety of camera angles, take note also that the tent entryway is a thin veil with swirled designs that you could try shooting through. This is a fun spot to play with lighting because you could really go in any direction between realism and fantastical. Experiment with some color or gamma extremes and see where it might take you. And may you have "good fortune"!

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Take note that very little in SL stays the same for very long. After even a short while, Photospot locations may be gone or changed in a significant way that renders their SLurls ineffective as originally intended, so be sure to grab these opportunities as they come!

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