Sunday, October 2, 2011

SL Unearthed Kicks Off With a Hunt!

SL Unearthed is proud to announce their first hunt as a new group!

The SL Unearthed Unthemed Hunt is a themeless two week hunt running from November 12 to November 26, 2011. There is a limit of 100 vendors for this hunt.

Before applying please read this information in it's entirety. This will give you information like the timeline and other hunt tidbits. It'll save both you and us time.

What's my theme again?

We check each shop before it is accepted into the hunt. We accept all kinds of shops except those that sell outright adult content (blatant sex shops, Erotica, etc) or Business in a Box content. We expect hunt gifts to be original creations. Using scripts or textures from other creators is acceptable, but the creation itself should be your own.

Once your shop is accepted you will be sent a welcome kit, a folder with the version 1 sign and a notecard with important information, and a group invite to SL Unearthed (which is also free to join, so if you would like to join us before applying to the hunt even, please feel free). SL Unearthed will be used for both Vendors and Hunters, and it will be the main form of communication with vendors for general information.

TIMELINE: (this is not written in stone)

  • Application Deadline: October 17th.

  • Sign Walk Through: October 20th. One of our team members will be checking for signs.

  • Hunt Vendor Boxes Delivered: October 24 - October 25. It is reccomended that you put your hunt object out by your Version 2 sign as soon as you get your vendor box. That way you'll definately be ready for the walk through.

  • Walk Through: October 27th - November 4th.

  • Hunt Start: November 12th at Midnight ... this means you should have your hunt prim loaded, set for sale and hidden no later than 11:45pm on November 11th.

  • Hunt End: November 26th at Midnight ... this means you should probably leave your hunt prim hidden until November 27th.

HUNT PRIM HIDING RULES: We have some pretty basic and easy to remember rules regarding hunt prims. First, you can NOT change the name of the hunt prim (Unless we've misspelled your shop name), the prims are named as they are in order to help hunters find them in inventory easier. Second, you can NOT hide your hunt prim INSIDE another prim. We don't want hunters to have to open objects in your shop in order to find the hunt prim. They also should not have to have a doctorate in camming to find your gift.

HINTS: Vendor boxes will include a hint notecard. Providing a hint is optional, however hints for every shop in the hunt will be provided and posted on the SL Unearthed blog.

More vendor information will be provided in the Welcome Folder and the Vendor Boxes

To apply to the hunt, please copy and paste the following into a notecard and name it SLU Unthemed Hunt Application - Shop Name (example: SLU Unthemed Hunt Application - Off the Wall). Fill the notecard out completely and return to Lunatic Daffyd or Insane Audeburgh (ONE or the other NOT both) by October 17, 2011. Applications recieved after this date will be held for replacements if we need them.

Please note, incomplete applications could result in non-accpetance. Also note incorrectly named notecards may be rejected.


Shop Name:

Owner Name:

Alternate Contact (optional):

Who should materials (ie hunt prims, signs, etc) be sent to if not the owner:



Sim Rating:

Is Age Verification Needed to TP into your sim?:

Any no child/furry/etc av policies for your shop or sim?:

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