Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Costume Nirvana for Petites at Bare Rose

If you're like me and in constant need of really nice and sometimes out of the ordinary costumes, and you're a Petite, you need to make a trip to Bare Rose ... the place is costume Nirvana! When I need a costume for an event at the club I host and DJ (Club Amaranth for those interested, it's very petite friendly)I start there. If I can't find what I need there, I'll pretty much not find it at all. Here's a peek at some of the many many costumes I've gotten just in the last month.
CTM Fairly ... I haven't found an event to wear it for, but I couldn't resist it. Comes with five color options all in one package.
Dryad is perfect for plant related themes, or for elven/fae events. Comes with everything you need but the hair, and has 3 flower color options.
Detonator is perfect for an armor themed event or even a weapons themed event as you'd be wearing several bombs. Comes with everything but the hair and has the pink option shown plus a white/silver option as well.
Shiogiri is perfect for an Asian/Japanese themed event, and is one of many different Asian themed costumes available in the shop. This one comes with everything shown including the hair and shoes.
Circus theme? Then go with Miss Petite Quin (There's also a male version if this costume). There are three color options included, with everything but the hair provided.
For those Renascence or even Medieval themes there's Juliet. This has three color options and includes a headress that's not shown in my picture. All you need to add is hair and shoes.

Right now until September 1st there is a hunt celebrating the shop's seventh anniversary. You follow a story to collect 5 objects. Each object contains the parts for a full outfit for males and females both Big and Petite. It's a really quick hunt and well worth the time you spend. Here's a peek:
The full female Petite hunt outfit without the ride-able horse
And the full outfit again with the horse. The package with the horse includes an ao for riding it.

The rest of the stuff:
With CTM Fairly: Shoes - Baby Monkey Fairy Flats; Hair - Wasabi Pills, Orion
Juliet: Shoes - Baby Monkey Fairy Flats; Hair: Alli&Ali Designs Soyraya (Hair Fair Gift)
All others: Hair - Little Chickies Piper

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