Friday, August 31, 2012

Triple Threat? Triple Treat!

A few days ago I posted about heading over to New York City sim in SL - and while I was there, I picked up some gifts from various stores. I hadn't opened any of them until after I got back home and when I did, I found these gorgeous shirt/dress mesh gifts from *BOOM*. It comes in three different colours and various mesh sizes.
The colours just pop and look fabulous with some of the stiletto styles from *Felicity* - a designer known throughout the grid for great style and awesome gifts. I also popped over to JeSyLiLo to check out their new releases and discovered a Group Gift that I nabbed, its so pretty! I'll probably wear it for quite a while!

While looking for another place to take some photos, I stumbled across London City, an adult London themed infohub. Lots of great shops, nooks, crannies and interesting people!

A park in London...

The Look:

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