Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here for the party!

Well.. my RL daughter's birthday is later this month, and all I've been hearing is questions about her party, presents and "Is it today?" All of these things being on the brain inspired today's post!

I'm showing another BG Feline avatar mod, because honestly they're so well done that I can't get enough of them! This one is Krystal Fox made by Puppy. She does amazing work and is a super nice person to boot! If you have a Blue Galaxy Feline avi (or any other adorable moddable avatar) you should check out her mods - you'll be blown away!

The adorable balloon props and pose is from Frozen Panty Poses and its a FREEBIE on the marketplace! How cute is that?! They also have some awesome poses and fantastically made clothing too! Peruse through their store for a look-see!

After I got my BG Feline, I spent some time with my head in my inventory looking for some things that might fit the glorious little furry being. I completely lucked out when I found out that my Blueberry Mesh Jenna Skirt in Vintage Black totally fits! It was a group gift from a while ago, but you may be able to get it now, or even purchase it in store - pop by and see! Blueberry generally gives out fabulous group gifts and I wear their designs a lot - its worth the group spot for sure!

Now.. to go party plan!

The lowdown:
Pose: Frozen Panty "Balloon2" pose with Solo Balloon and Balloon Towerset props (Free on marketplace)
Skirt: Blueberry *Mesh* Jenna Skirt -Vintage- Black *GROUP GIFT*
Top: Arbitrary BG Feline Mesh Tank Mod - L$10
Avatar: Blue Galaxian Feline base avatar (L$1,000) with Krystal Fox Mod made by Puppy (L$350).
Hair: Magika Nayla Red pack
Location: BabyMalibu House by inVerse - L249 (fits a 512 parcel perfectly!) 

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