Friday, August 10, 2012

Look of the Day: Blue Galaxian Feline

I am so excited to show you the sexy adorableness that is today's "Look of the day". I splurged the other day and got myself a Blue Galaxian Feline avatar and have never been more pleased with a purchase! I mean, just look how adorable this thing is!

Its such an easy avatar to use, you unpack it, put it on and you're ready to go - it even comes with a tank and undies for the ladies so you're not immediately in the buff when starting out. On top of that, once you have the avatar, you can completely customize it. Its completely copy and modifiable!

There are lots of things available on the marketplace and in world for  you to play around with this avatar and I'm having lots of fun discovering what can be done with it. Also, the default facial expressions are just too adorable and I find myself staring at it waiting to see how it will look next! Expect more posts about this avi along with my other posts.

This particular look took a bit of modification - the tube top comes in a texture that you must apply to a copy of your original tank top, but once you have the avatar, the top itself is free! The pants are available straight from the Blue Galaxy mainstore (right outside when you land) and are fully modify just like the shirts. Buying the pants open up a new array of available mods. 

Also, the regular Magika mesh and prim hair does not fit properly - to use this feature, I added the Mod Kit for Magika Hair from the Krystal Fox - Natural BG Feline Mod, which is a package that allows you to mod your regular BG Feline avatar to look like the fox in the picture. Its a gorgeous avatar, but will take some time and editing to set up on the first go. Because I'm a bit lazy and I like my cinnamon feline, I just opted to use the hair mod in the pack (which is a script you drop in a copy of your original head) and eyes. I fully plan on using the fox at a later date though and the L$350 for this pack is totally worth it. Then its just a matter of getting the Magika hair that the box says to buy, or to go to the store itself and try some of the demos to see which you like. Some still don't fit properly (or to my general liking) but a lot are wearable and look fabulous. 

Looking for a fun futuristing photo location? All these photos were taken right inside the Blue Galaxy store and its just a fun place to walk around. 

So, if you have some extra lindens, the starter avi can take you far, so try it out and see how flexible and fun this avatar can be!
In this pic:
Poses: Just a Hunch TFUH Hunt prize pose pack
Feline Avatar - [Blue Galaxian] Female Feline - Cinnamon (with the Mod Kit for Magika Hair from the Krystal Fox - Natural BG Feline Mod pack  this allows you to wear some styles of Magika mesh and nonmesh hair and includes the gorgeous set of eyes, but any moddable eyes will fit.)
Pants: [BG] Cargo Pants Female - Black
Top: ::Static:: TubeTop Minecraft Redstone (Free texture pack add on!)
Hair: Magika // Brown Pack // Andarial

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