Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Have a little Pooka

As you can see from Audra's previous posts, and from our upcoming grid wide hunt, she and I have a slight obsession with all things Petite. So you want to go Petite, and are worried about dressing your little darling fashionably without having to break open that really cute piggy bank? Well head over to Pooka and have a look around. Designer Deadri Silvershade has a wide selection of clothing for all kinds of fashion taste all for less than 100L an outfit. Most outfits come with multiple options for shirts and bottoms, separate shirts and jeans so you can mix and match all you want, and accessories and shoes or boots with most outfits. I've snapped some shots of four of the outfits I've purchased in the last few weeks from Pooka, just a very small (no pun intended)look at each outfit as all but one has at least one other option to choose from.
This is the Burgandy Mini. It comes with the bracelet, plus the stockings are separate, therefore optional. The boots are not included, but are available in the shop. The dress is 40L, the boots are 50L ... so a really great dress and boots for under 100L.
Jeans and Lace set 1 (there is also a second set with different tank colors). This set comes with 5 different brightly colored tanks that are separate from the jeans, plus bracelet, earrings and the boots. All for 40L.
Track in red comes with the option to wear just the tank, just the jacket or the tank and jacket together. The sneakers are included with the track suit all for 50L.
Fushion Duo is 30L, and comes with two pairs of jeans, two tanks, bracelets, earrings, necklace and boots.
So as you can see there's no need to spend an arm and a leg on your Petite to look great. Just visit Pooka.
Other items worn:
Avatar: Fallen Gods Elves (Pale) with medium glow, 1500L
Hair: Little Chickies (ChiChickie for Petites): Piper, 200L four color pack

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